The short version:

Vanshika Prusty (She/They) is a reader, writer and bookseller. When they're not busy typing away at their newest idea, they can be found looking for an escape at the local forest.

Copyright 2020 © Vanshika Prusty

The (slightly) longer version:

Vanshika Prusty (One-She-Ka Pru-Sh-T), They/Them, was born and raised in India for the better half of their life before moving to mountainous Alberta. Now, they are studying History at the University of Alberta while working part-time at her favourite bookstore. On the rare occasion that they have a free moment, you can find them either typing away at their newest idea, or at the edge of the local forest, on a search for a path into another world. To connect with them, you can follow them on Twitter @VanshikaPrusty and/or Instagram @Vanshikasbooks.

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Copyright 2020 © Vanshika Prusty

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